About the Author

I’m not an author that is good at writing nonfiction, not at all, much less write about myself. I‘d rather run over hot coals to avoid it! Nonetheless, I decided that if you were interested enough to click on this section to learn more about me, then you deserved the truth.

Writing started as a whim. Truly, one day in 2017 I just picked up my laptop and started composing a story. I don’t have an English degree to boast about nor have I studied literature in any sense. My degree in Masters Engineering couldn’t more useless to this endeavor than a degree in basket weaving. It was pure dissatisfaction that made me start to type that day. I was and still am an enthusiastic romance novel reader. I have read thousands and thousands over the years, five or six books a week at times. I guess I ran the gamut, because it was that day that I just couldn’t find a book to satisfy my needs. One that gave me that feeling of wanting more. I starting thinking, why can’t the female characters be this or the male characters be that and so on. I story started to develop and I decided to write it down. That was the day Black Star came to be. The more I wrote, the more came to mind, one thing leading to each another and before I knew it, I not only had one book but a series. It was then I realized that I may not be the best writer but I can be a decent storyteller.

I also learned two things that day. I should have paid more attention in English class and my typing skills are horrid. Something had to be done, so I dragged my very good friend Diane Fournival, who has an English degree, into this adventure of mine. If it wasn’t for her, none of these books would have seen the light of day. She painstakingly takes my rough manuscripts and turns them into something legible without changing a single sentence from its original meaning. A tedious task to be sure.  She amazes me and I owe her equal credit for my creations. They would be lines and line of senseless dribble without her.    

I don’t imagine myself the next great American novelist by any means, but I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t want at least one of my books to go viral. I wanted to create easy to read stories. Ones you could get lost in. Stories not lost in so many flowery words that you felt that you’re reading Shakespeare or needed the constant use of a dictionary to understand the vocabulary. A place to escape, one that evokes a feeling like excitement, titillation or anxious anticipation. Even hate or anger. Nothing would please me more than for you as a reader to want to kick one of my characters in the nuts or something. How wonderful!

I want you to know that I realize that I may lack in historical slang and may be geographically challenged at times. I do my best to stay pure in those areas, but the only resource I have is the internet. Who knows which resource is correct? They can be conflicting at times. For you purists, my apologies for my faux pas in the area, please try to enjoy the story and not let these slip ups distract you from the real fun! Feel free to leave a comment or a correction and will strive to use it in the future.    

Thank you so much for reading my books and taking an interest in who wrote them. I would love to hear from you. Truly! Leave a comment. Join my mailing list. Recommend me to a friend if you feel me worthy. 

Thank you again,