Letitia And The Letters

Lord Tristan Talbert was irritated at his wife for threatening divorce if he didn’t grant her an annulment. He couldn’t understand why she would want to break the union since they lived completely separate lives. The arrangement worked perfectly for Lord Talbert, a notorious womanizer, appreciating the protection it afforded his lifestyle. Forced to deal with her once and for all, he decides to meet her face to face in the hope of convincing her to continue with the arrangement. He didn’t know his wife since she was only ten when they were married and whisked away an hour after the ceremony a decade ago. When she turns out to be completely different than expected, his world is turned upside down. Quickly he realizes he wants his wife and their marriage in every way. Now he must overcome his rakish past in order to save his marriage. Will he be able to convince her to stay, or be forced to let her go, shattering his heart for the first time. Miss Emmeline Addington, the Marchioness Talbert, had had it with the notorious rake that was her husband. His exploits were constantly in the dailies, encouraging unwanted advances and tainting her reputation as well. Desperate to be free of him, she threatens divorce if he won’t grant her an annulment. When he finally agrees, she is thrust into his company for the first time. Their undeniable attraction takes her by surprise. Now she must decide whether to follow her heart or her head. Can she ever trust him and risk her heart to this cad whom she has hated for so long? Or should she cut and run before she risked all she has worked for?

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The Ladies of Kent Series
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