Lady Meredith Chester

The Baroness of Whitehall was a peculiar sort. Obsessed with schedules and efficiency she lived by her pocket watch, even wore men’s clothing because it saved time to dress. Savvy at business despite the fact that she was a woman, she was determined to put Whitehall Village on the map. To make Whitehall the first village to have street lamps for hundreds of miles. Until she went to London on a business where was she was forced to act like the lady she had worked so hard to suppress. There to negotiate for a strip of land for her street light project, she met her match in Lord Fletcher Kensington. Their first meeting was a disaster, their second changed her for all time…

Lord Fletcher Kensington

The Duke of Grafton’s second son was used to women throwing themselves at him mostly because of his station. When he refused sell the Baroness the land she wanted, she bent over his desk in anger, and he was inadvertently treated to a delectable view of her charms. The Baroness was unique and her street light project intrigued him. Almost as much as she did. After their second meeting, nothing could stop him from following her to Whitehall where he intended to give her all she wanted and much, much, more. If she’d let him…

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